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How do I migrate Siebel CRM to SAP CRM?

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Hi John, I want to know how to map Siebel tables/fields with SAP CRM For example there is one table in Siebel S_ADDR_ORG. Now how to map this table to sap crm? I know Siebel well but do not have great experience of large migratons to other platforms, please guide me

The answer is to locate the right person on the SAP technical team and the right business stakeholder and arrange for them to be formally provided to your project as an expert resource.

While you may get a certain distance delving into technical matters on a target yourself to look these things up yourself and it is sometimes worth aquainting yourself with the basic principles you will still need experts in the SAP target system to arrange uploads or downloads and provide the related mapping spreadsheets relating to specific entities.

There are two main reasons for this:

1) SAP has it’s own load methods that tend to excercise data through a process that mirrors a user entering data via a screen, including the side effects and ramifications of that new data being present. e.g. causing further records to appear in other, related tables.

2) Knowing a table’s technical details will not provide the answer alone as SAP has multiple alternate workflows and levels of detail that a company can opt in or out of when it is first set up for use. I am sure this is the same in Siebel. So you will also need the input of key business users whose processes are engaged around each field and/or the input of the SAP Business Analysts if you are migrating onto a system that is in the process of being constructed.

So in summary you cannot “inject” data into SAP yourself, and will need an approach such as this:

  • Don’t look for a direct technical answer
  • Build a federated team
  • If you are the technical analyst on the project get your manager or his/her manager to contract this assistance for you.

If you try to ‘solve’ this scenario as a technical problem instead of treating it as a management issue¬†you will probably fail.

Hope this helps